2015-16 Interns now moving on

Our 50th season has now closed and this year's interns have helped strike the final set and put away and cleaned the theatre and the set, prop & costume shops until the fall when next year's interns arrive and work begins again.  In past blogs you learned what previous interns have gone on to do.  Here's what the recent interns have planned -

Jasmine Radetski, our scene shop intern, will be returning to Meadow Brook Theatre for another year but this time as a scenic carpenter on our full-time staff.

Garett Michael Harris, one of the acting/administrative interns, is staying on for awhile this summer assisting the box office staff with subscription sales for the coming season.  He'll be performing for a 2nd year in "Evil Dead:  The Musical" this fall at the City Theatre in Detroit.

Kimberly Alley, the other acting/administrative intern, also knows her next acting job - in the fall she'll be performing in "Recent Tragic Events" at the Open Book Theatre in Trenton, MI.

Amy Skrodzki, our stage management intern, has already begun her 1st post-internship stage management job.  She's in rehearsals at Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in North Carolina getting ready for performances in July & August.

Mary Liz Winther, one our costume shop/wardrobe interns, will begin working toward her MFA at Wayne State University as part of the Hilberry Theatre company this fall.  

Lauren Aquilina the second costume shop/wardrobe intern, will be taking some theatre courses at Wayne State to supplement her undergraduate degree in fashion technology as she transitions to also beginning work on a graduate degree in theatre with plans to be a member of the Hilberry company next fall.

Christa Tausney, our prop shop intern, expects to use her theatrical skills while working for the Detroit Parade Company and do other free-lance work for the coming year with intentions to begin work on a graduate degree in theatre the next fall as well.