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Meadow Brook Theatre Hosts
The Detroit Playwrights’ Lab

Free Staged Readings
New Plays
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Sundays at 3:00 pm

July 14

Sex and Innocence, written and directed by Emilio Rodriguez

Inside a fictional museum for 1950’s Hollywood culture, Rita Moreno’s statue comes to life after hours and runs into Marlon Brando’s statue. When she discovers that she’s tucked in the basement and remembered as a mere sex symbol, Moreno attempts to re-brand herself while confronting her tumultuous relationship with Brando.

July 28

The Whore of Shomron: A Love Story, written by Angela G. King, directed  by Lillian Washington

What becomes of a girl whose innocence is stolen by the predator who lives with her mother? A girl doomed to live out the consequences of that mother’s tormented past? Conventions are shattered. Twisted legacies are revealed. And the extraordinary promise that divine love can arouse amid this shard of the human experience come to light in this modern spin on an ancient Biblical narrative.

August 11

The Incident, written and directed by Sean Paraventi 

A former star quarterback has returned to his Alma mater to become the head football coach. But an incident from his playing days almost 30 years ago suddenly resurfaces to cause problems. And he will do whatever he has to, to protect himself and the integrity of the program.

August 25

Game Play, written and directed by Charity Clark-Anderson  

Laid off for more than a year as a chemical engineer, John Sutton’s “perfect life” with his wife, Michelle, and children spirals down into an existence of depression and alcoholism. And Michelle is forced to become the family breadwinner. Quickly learning all the rules of the game, good and bad, she starts to climb the corporate ladder – fast. Maybe too fast…


Shedding Skin, written by Collette Cullen, directed by Collette Cullen and Emily Fishman 

Three college roommates reunite at a yoga/diet weekend to “support” their friend who is traumatized by divorce. But the retreat becomes a revelatory romp worthy of song and dance when they encounter the “woo woo” owner, her curmudgeonly partner, the personal trainer, Body Beautiful Beau, and his spirted father, Mr. Ferrnsworth.

All events are FREE and open to the public.
After each reading, the audience is invited to remain for a talk back session
with the playwright and cast.