Female Acting Intern Updates - more to come

Meadow Brook interns each season now include both a male and a female acting intern who between them can understudy all the roles in the subscription offerings and sometimes get to play a role themselves in those shows or "A Christmas Carol".  In our early years we had no interns or no acting interns or only one.  The two acting interns these seasons when not in rehearsal or performance can usually be found assisting with administrative work but like all the interns are scheduled to work with the scene shop or lighting crews in the weeks between the closing of one show and the opening of the next.

One of our first interns was Sara Catheryn Wolf who since her internship here has continued to appear onstage here in several shows including 14 or the past 15 seasons of "A Christmas Carol."  She is also now the artistic director for Water Works Theatre in Royal Oak.  She has acted or directed shows there most every summer since their inception and continues to act or direct for other metro Detroit theatres.

Meredith Gifford, intern from the '11 - '12 season, stayed to work in area theatres for a year and then moved to Boston and received a Masters of Arts in Theatre Education.  She's returned to Michigan to be an adjunct professor of theatre at Rochester College and the K-12 Theatre program Director at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Pontiac.  At present she has little time to be onstage herself but look for her there in the future.

Renee Turner, since her '10 - '11 internship when she acted in four of our shows that season,  has concentrated on the singing aspect of her career working with "Rio and the Rockabilly Revival" which has won a Detroit Music Award and with "Nick Kuhl and The Gang", another popular local band.  She's also been doing a lot of backup vocals on recording sessions with different artists.  She'll also be performing backup for Mitch Albom at the Fox Theatre on November 8 for a charity book launch to benefit S.A.Y. Detroit featuring other Michigan artists.

Going back a  few more years to the  '08 - '09 season when we had fewer interns, Lauren Coleman was the acting intern.  She also returned to Michigan after some years away and teaches at L.A. Dance in Lake Orion and runs their musical theatre program.  In addition to teaching, she also works as a choreographer & director locally.