Johnny Manhattan

September 6 - September 24, 2017

Book and Lyrics by Robert Lorick
Music by Dan Goggin

An exciting new musical set in a New York City nightclub when places like the Copacabana, The Latin Quarter and El Morroco were filled with socialites and glamorous showgirls.  It’s 1958 and Johnny, the owner of Johnny Manhattan’s has invited his closest friends to a private party for a surprise announcement.  Unexpected surprises abound as relationships clash and secrets are revealed. Don’t miss this preview at Meadow Brook for the first time prior to opening on Broadway! World Premiere



(in order of speaking)

Lorraine                                            Lauren Sprague*
Maxie                                                  Ruth Pferdehirt*
Gloria                                                 AlissaBeth Morton
Francine                                              Janet Caine*
Mickey                                                Adam Jepsen*
Gary                                            Tyrick Wiltez Jones*
 Johnny                                                Jim Ballard*
 Rosie                                                Anne Brummel*
Dorothy                                    Barbara McCulloh*
David                                                George Dvorsky*
Rita                                                     Jana Robbins*
Edward                                                Scott Willis*
George                                                Ian Turnwald
Paul                                                     Dale White
Understudies -
for Maxie & Dorothy             Janet Caine*
for Gloria & Francine             Sara Kmiec
for George & Paul                  Brendan Lindberg
for Lorraine & Rosie            AlissaBeth Morton
for Mickey & Johnny             Ian Turnwald 
 for Gary & David                   Dale White

Director/Choreographer              Mark Martino

Music Director/Conductor/Piano              Michael Rice

Stage Manager              Terry W. Carpenter*

Assistant Stage Manager              Sarah Lin Warren*

Dance Captain              Tyrick Wiltez Jones*

Composer (in residence)              Dan Goggin

Associate Producer (in residence)              Lyle Saunders

Set Designer              Brian Kessler

Costume Designer              Liz Goodall

Lighting Designer              Matthew J. Fick

Sound Designer              Mike Duncan


Synthesizer              Eric Alsford

Reeds (Sax/Clarinet/Flute/Piccolo)             Don Platter

Percussion              Nick Matthews