Please Note: These shows play FRIDAY only. If you would like to purchase tickets please call our group sales associate,

Lee Ann Kostur at 248-370-3316 

Patrick Garner’s History’s Alive!   

Friday, March 3, 2017 at 10 AM  *Great for Grades K and up!       
$15  - $12 for groups of 8 or more! 

Thomas Edison Inventor, Lecturer & Prankster
Mr. Edison delivers an informal, fun-filled lecture about his life, his inventions and the lessons those inventions taught him. Student volunteers join “The Wizard of Menlo Park” onstage to act as his “Insomnia Squad.” Other selected students attempt to solve problems in the audience. All students are involved in this highly interactive presentation.


Benjamin Franklin, America’s First Citizen 

“Tell me and I forget!  Teach me and I remember!  Involve me and I learn!”
America’s favorite founding father comes alive to demonstrate how a life of self-discipline, 
inquiry, public service and a genuine love of life led to international fame and the gratitude of an entire nation!